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Revamp Progress Report

The New menu systems have been installed and tested so browsing through the multitude of chapters available should be much easier.

The discussions about the future of the Continuum Worlds continue but all I can say about that is that some new chapters are in the works.

Some might notice that Otherverse Redux has been removed from the menus.  No...Otherverse Redux is NOT gone as can be seen since we have NOT removed the bios from the the Who's Who gallery!  It is not on is still very active.   The problem is...I can't really tell you WHY it has been removed other than to tell you that it WILL return to kick off a new chapter in the life of The Continuum Worlds.  Stay Tuned!


Revamp in Progress

If you have visited the site in the last week or so, you will see that we are in the process of changing things around.  From a slightly different look to a new menu system. 
At the time this article was written, the new menu system has been put in place for the Otherverse, The Inheritors, and the Wasteland. A small test menu of the Multiverse has been created and the menu system for the Alterverse is currently being created. 

Hiatus Ended

Yep...the long delay is over!

We are once again going full steam ahead with our latest project.  However, due to the long delay and some rethinking of directions...we have had to pull several stories from the site (including the entire Primalverse section) so that they can be altered to fit.  They will be reposted as soon as possible  New Chapters are already in the works for Sorority, Rising Starr, Multiverse, Primalverse, and a Continu-verse that is getting a complete face lift and a new beginning!  Stay Tuned!

(Update: The pulled stories (with the exception of the Primalverse stories) have been updated and restored.)


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