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DCM Update!!

DCM is slowly getting a facelift!

Okay....for those of you who don't know the history....

DCM: The Merging was, at one time, completely separate from the Continuum Worlds. The only thing we had in common was a writer that..well..wrote...for both sites. Oh..and the fact that we were both fan fiction sites delving deeply into both the DC and Marvel Universes. 


At this late date, even I cannot fully recall the why of it we at the Continuum Worlds learned that DCM was going to be shut down....So we convinced Chip, the head honcho at DCM, to allow us to copy the entire site and make it one of our "Verses".  And so DCM: The Merging was brought into the Continuum Worlds. has a special status in that, unlike the rest of the Continuum Worlds...Chip retains 100% control over the content and the look of the DCM. (you might have noticed that when you click on DCM and follow the link, the story lay outs are not in the same style as the rest of the "Verses" click this link now.)

So...there is the what about that Facelift?

Well, Chip is back at work.  He has posted in the forum and you can read about what he is up to there....just go to the forum and look for  DC/Marvel: The Merging :)



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