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Revamp Progress Report #2

The work continues.  You might not see it just yet....but behind the scenes there is a flurry of activity. 

There is still not a lot I can reveal at this time other than to say that we are in the process of wrapping up a few loose ends and trying real hard not to put the cart before the horse!

In otherwords...all three of us are chomping at the bit to get to work on the NEW material on the much so that we are having a bit of difficulty in focusing on tying up those loose ends mentioned above. Those loose ends HAVE to be tied up before we can move on to the next chapter in the Continuum Worlds - simply because it is what happens in those loose ends that leads directly to the new chapter :) 

So....this will be the last update on the main page for the time being. We may post updates and information in the keep your eyes on the sections "Latest Updates" above :)


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