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If you have visited the site in the last week or so, you will see that we are in the process of changing things around.  From a slightly different look to a new menu system. 
At the time this article was written, the new menu system has been put in place for the Otherverse, The Inheritors, and the Wasteland. A small test menu of the Multiverse has been created and the menu system for the Alterverse is currently being created. 


Eventually, the new menu system will be put in place for all the sections of the Continuum Worlds with the exception of the DCM (currently, the way the DCM is laid out does not make the new menu system feasible).

The biggest change with this new system is how stories/chapters are displayed. You will still be able to have the story/chapter open in a pop-up window if you prefer simply by clicking on the story/chapter link in the main window/iframe.  OR, by clicking on a link in the new menu that will appear above the iframe you can have the story/chapter open IN the iframe. 

In addition: it is obvious we ran in to a few bumps in the road when it comes to new content.  The Founders found themselves discussing the future of the Continuum Worlds.

One item discussed (among several) was whether or not we should even continue when many of the sites that were around when we started no longer exist., while a good site full of fantastic stories, unintentionally brought about the death of many of the sites that once existed.  One very LOUD voice (Jake H.) insisted that it did not matter.  The Continuum Worlds MUST continue!  Not to compete with, but rather simply as an outlet for ourselves!   So...until such a time as a final decision is made...we will continue as if there were no decision to be made!  For now, the Continuum Worlds will continue....there may be some changes...some redirections....but continue it will!

Clay (Dylan) Clearbrook


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