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RIP Stan Lee

Sadly, Yesterday (Nov. 12, 2018) Stan Lee, Marvel Comic icon, passed away.  Through his many years, Stan changed the way we look at comics.  He will be missed!

RIP Stan Lee

Stan Lee

Revamp Progress Report #5: DC/Marvel: The Merging

(Per Chip Caroon):

With the pending revamp of CW, DCM will also be getting a significant update soon. Most of it is to create a easier reading experience, and bringing some of the older issues out of the Archives.

-DCM Knights - X-Men: Registration is coming! It's the first arc of the original X-Men series re-written to fit into the DCM Knights continuity, and there are a couple of surprising changes.

-DCM Zone - Doom Patrol issues are being converted to the new format, and we are adding a mini-series to the imprint that was pulled from one of the anthologies in the Archives section. Plus, the all new Action Comics #3 is coming!

-DCM Vertigo - a new imprint, containing the mature and quirky side of DCM! We're starting off with reformatted versions of several older DCM series, including the Gods trilogy from 2001.

(The Relaunch of the Continuum Worlds is only days away.....stay tuned!)

The Second Continuum & DCM

The Continuum Writers Group has been together for two decades.

We've weathered national emergencies, recession, careers, family matters, and everything that goes with life. In that time, we have written hundreds of chapters for ourselves and our fans.

But at the end, we realized how dissatisfied we had become with the quality of our work. We could no longer make an emotional investment in our characters. We were ready to put the site into archive mode and walk away.

Then we realized. We can and will be better than this!

But to do that, we need to start over, with fresh, new characters, without the hundreds of chapters of questionable continuity.

And we need to hold ourselves to a much higher writing standard. And so we have.

Welcome to The Second Continuum: Otherverse RebornGreen Lantern Beyond, & Primalverse. In addition: DC/Marvel: The Merging is still alive and kicking with several new releases!

You don't need to know any of the past history of our work to enjoy these new universes.

So, sit back, stay a while, and visit the forum to let us know how we are doing!

- Ella, Jake, Clay, and Chip


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