Stories/chapters posted in order, newest at bottom.

Deliverance Chapter 1
Breaking Stride
Deliverance Chapter 2
Itís Not EasyÖ
Deliverance Chapter 3
In Love and War
Deliverance Chapter 4
Broken Wings
Deliverance Chapter 5
Broken Arrow
Inferno, Chapter 1
Land of Confusion
Inferno, Chapter 2
More Than a Feeling
Inferno, Chapter 3
Against All Odds
Inferno, Chapter 4
True Colors
Inferno, Chapter 5
Listen to Your Heart
Unforgiven, Chapter 1
Divine Wind
Unforgiven, Chapter 2
Duel of the Fates
Unforgiven, Chapter 3
Crash and Burn
Unforgiven, Chapter 4
Mortal Combat
Unforgiven, Chapter 5
End of the Innocence
Dichotomy, Chapter 1
November Rain
Dichotomy, Chapter 2
Against All Odds
Dichotomy, Chapter 3
Under Pressure
Dichotomy, Chapter 4
Dichotomy, Chapter 5
The Stand

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