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Enter DC/Marvel: The Merging

DC/Marvel: The Merging is a fanfiction site, and is not affiliated with nor endorsed by DC Comics or Marvel Comics nor any company that owns these characters. All of the stories here are written for fun, and the authors are not making any profit from them, and do not intend any harm to the original creation. This site is for entertainment purposes only. DC/Marvel: The Merging concept created and developed by the writers whose work appears on this site. The concept or any of the work on this site may not be used anywhere else without permission of the DCM editorial staff.

Superman, the Doom Patrol, and other characters from the DC Universe are the property of DC Comics. Spider-Man, Captain America, and other characters from the Marvel Universe are the property of Marvel Comics. None of these stories are written for profit. They are written as fanfiction and for the pure amusement of the writer(s). It is our hope that our readers will patronize these companies and persons with your business. Other character concepts, though based on characters created by the afore mentioned companies, remain the property of Dylan Clearbrook or the respective creator. None of these concepts, as presented, may be used without permission.

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