A New Day in the Cafe

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A New Day in the Cafe

Postby eldric on Fri Sep 12, 2014 11:22 pm

"Hmmm, it has been a while," the ancient elf meandered down the streets that led to the Continuum Café. The last rays of sunlight cast long shadows down the street. None seemed longer than the shadows that fell on the Café itself. He stepped towards the door, tapping on it, expecting it to be answered. But he heard only silence.

He felt watched; glancing at the nearby stores, he caught glimpses of the storekeepers and their customers gazing at him.

"They've been gone for so long...just that skinny old elf...not even the piano player or the cook or even the bouncer...bet he can't even get the door open...bet he won't try..."

His hearing was never quite as bad as he claimed it was...nor was he anywhere near as decrepit as he would have people believe. He knew he had never been the life of the party...a bit of an introvert, he had enjoyed watching others who were more eager to claim the limelight than he. Still, he was not a completely solitary creature.

Someone had locked the door from the inside. He could go around back, but he knew that door would be locked, too, along with all the windows. But he knew the Café as only a founder could. Firing his will at the door, he felt the bar lift out of its brackets on the other side as he heard the door open.

Silence. He recalled the schism that had closed the café...probably nothing could have stopped it at the time and he was busy with his own concerns. He felt a tinge of regret.

The kitchen was both spotless and empty. When the Amazon had left, she had taken great pride not to leave a mess. The piano...slightly warped, never in tune, but now strangely silent.

He stepped over to the bar. He chuckled as he realized that Dylan had never figured out the lock; the best of the booze was still safe. Of course, even if anyone had ever gotten in, they would have quickly realized that the premium liquors were elsewhere.

Eldric walked upstairs, opening the back door and the upper windows before stepping back to the main room. What would he do next? It wouldn't hurt to spend the night; he didn't have to be anywhere and he had such fond memories of the place. He remembered all of his friends fondly...would he ever see them again? Dylan? Jake? Hip? Linda? Jennie? He wished them well, wherever they were.

As he sipped a cup of hot tea, he gazed at the notes Dylan had left behind...Multiverse and its problematic 3rd probability. What had ever happened to the E-2 Lois Lane who had gotten stuck on Otherverse on the Kent farm? We can't just leave her there...she deserves better... The elf propped his feet up on the table as an idea took root in his mind...just because someone has a few years on them doesn't mean they are useless. An idea took form...the MVP-3 Phantom Zone villains were about to have a real bad day...He grinned to himself until he heard the sound of pouring water beside him.

"I wondered when you were going to do something about that," Linda Danvers finished refreshing his cup and filled one for herself. "Nice idea...nice enough that I won't even tell you to get your feet off the table."

"Wow!" The elf grinned at her. "You must be impressed. It is good to see you."

"Good to see you, too, elf," Linda retorted. "It's hard to be an amusing muse when there is no one to amuse."

"There is that," Eldric agreed, grinning. "Your puns are still as bad as my own. Very nice!"

"You do realize that we've decided you're staying this time," Linda informed him. "We've had to work other jobs and stay other places since you left and frankly...this is our home too."

"We?" The elf asked with curiosity.

"When you all left, we had no place to go," Linda gazed at him. "This little settlement has been shrinking and for us, there is nowhere else." She sipped her tea. "Jennie-Lynn, me, and a lot of the others think that you, Jake, and Dylan left far too early...you're not done here. The stories haven't been told."

"I've got dibbs on the bar!" He heard Jennie-Lynn's voice behind him. Food and cooking supplies floated in the air behind her until she waved them into the kitchen.

"Oh, great," Linda put her head in her hands. "That means I have to try to cook...hope our customers all have cast iron stomachs!"

The elf and his small crew made plans to re-open the business...he owed it to them and himself to try, but his misgivings were many. The Café was never meant for just one writer. Still, one writer could find a way to make an impact.

"What in Krypton's name do you think you are doing, bringing Myzywhatsis into my Multiverse?" Dylan Clearbrook demanded as he stormed through the door. "NO, NO, NO!!!!"

"Do you have a better idea?" Eldric responded nonchalantly as he leaned against a table.

"No!" Dylan stepped towards the piano, sitting on the bench. "No...well, I guess it's not really such a bad idea...I can work with it." He turned around, gazing at the walls, at his piano. His fingers tapped the keyboard. "Good...no one has tried to tune it." He played a few more notes until he realized that Jennie-Lynn had brought him an ice-cold beer. "Can't beat the service, here," Dylan complimented. "Thanks, Jennie."

"Welcome back, Mr. Clearbrook," she returned to the bar.

"So I'm thinking you really need a partner to make this place go," Dylan exclaimed to Eldric. "Someone who's just a little more outgoing than you are."

"He's obviously talking about me," Jake stood in the door. "He couldn't be talking about anyone else."

"Good to see you, too, Jake!" Eldric greeted. "Welcome home!"

"Just what I like in a man," Linda Danvers grinned, "someone who is a better cook than I am! Welcome back, Jake!"

"Thanks!" Jake replied. "Where should I put my stuff?"

"This way," Linda guided him into the kitchen. "Let us know if you need anything! We open in an hour."

"Uh, guys?" Jake poked his head out of the kitchen.

"Welcome home, Jake!" Dylan and Eldric chimed in unison. :mrgreen:

And welcome back to you, our readers!
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Re: A New Day in the Cafe

Postby eldric on Wed Apr 15, 2015 7:25 pm

Night had fallen in the Continuum Café. The few patrons who had stayed late this night finally passed through the front door. Dylan and Jake had departed much earlier, Dylan to work on his separate story lines, and Jake to work on whatever called him. Jake's departure meant the kitchen had closed early, limiting the food selections. But, fortunately, there had been little call for food after his exit.

The few patrons who considered requesting food quickly changed their mind when confronted with Eldric's cooking. Little harm was done, except to the old elf's ego. He had to be reminded that many elfin delicacies were fatal to those without elfin ancestry.

After the Café closed, Linda had stayed up with Eldric while he wrestled with one of his storylines. They had always worked collaboratively; Linda was his muse, after all. But Linda felt so out of sync with the elf that she worried she had lost her touch.

No, it was more than that. In his time away from the Café, the elf had changed. That time had been wrought with tragedies and dashed dreams. But he accepted his own role in those events, facing his own failures and shortcomings, and starting anew. What would have destroyed him in an earlier day had only fueled his internal fire to burn with ever more determination. They were clashing much more than they had before, which discomforted Linda. It reminded her too much of the old days, when Linda had first arrived at the Café, when she was the stranger, back in the days before...

Given time, she would be able to resume her easy way of collaborating with the elf, but at the moment, his force of will needed to be bounded to retain its focus. And that meant a warrior to challenge him, to back him into a corner when he needed it...and he frequently did.

More...the rest of the Café had gotten out of hand...the staff gave far too little thought to the lack of discipline and the lack of cohesion in the place. It wasn't good for them and it wasn't good for the morale of the customers. One jester had actually snuck in and tuned Dylan Clearbrook's piano. She remembered the look of horror in Dylan's eyes...there were punishments in Hell more easily endured than his expression.

Few people understood what her time in the Café had done for Linda, how powerful her healed heart had made her. She would do anything to save it, she knew that now. And she knew she could not do it alone. She needed the one person who would enter the fray without hesitation, the one person to whom even old Kal would listen.

Linda stepped out the door, reaching into herself for the traces of the Earth Angel of Fire. She would never be the Earth Angel again, but she had enough power to form wings, to transit through the dimensions to reach Earth.

She felt the wings lift her above the Café as she opened a portal above Earth. She flew towards the Southern Hemisphere, towards the Island Continent, and finally down to the surface.

It had been years since Linda had seen, much less spoken to Hipkarma, the Amazon Warrior. The two of them had not always been on the best of terms, but Linda knew well what was in the Amazon's heart. Linda steeled herself and knocked on the door.
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Re: A New Day in the Cafe

Postby Stee on Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:30 pm

A sudden flair of Blue light brightens the entrance, and a familiar if somewhat older face peered in hopefully. With less hair on top and the addition of a handle bar moustache, Stee looked around, memories flaring, wondering why he had left it so long to return...
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Re: A New Day in the Cafe

Postby eldric on Fri Dec 23, 2016 6:04 pm

Stee glanced around the Café: empty, not what he expected. Where had everyone gone?

He stepped through the main Café, the main hallways, and stopped in front of the kitchen. He almost considered going inside the kitchen, but he had heard too many rumors about fools who had entered the kitchen without Hipkarma's permission, and were never seen again.

Truth be told, on more than one occasion, he had hoped the rumors were true.

Then he saw it: a flash of emerald energy. Eldric? Maybe not. Definitely not.

"I like the handlebar moustache, Stee!" A slender, petite young woman looked up at him, a friendly emerald expression. "Welcome back!"

Stee glanced at the young woman: Jennie-Lynn Hayden, Jade, the more attractive of the barkeepers and the only one Eldric trusted with the key to the liquor cabinet. And with good reason: the young woman was no one's fool and the limits to her power were only those of a very clever imagination.

"I'm happy to be back," Stee nodded cheerfully. "Where is everyone?"

"Something's gone wrong in the Continuum and we don't know what," Jennie-Lynn explained. "Linda has gone to retrieve Hipkarma, we have crews checking out our most frequent hot-spots, and Dylan and Eldric are trying to map out the controls on the portal."

"They're what?" Stee reacted with horror. "Dylan can no more run that portal than he can play that piano and there is no telling what Eldric's magics will do to those delicate instruments!"

He ran out the door, intent on saving the portal from the Continuum founders.

Jennie waited until she watched the door slam shut. Then she called up her emerald energy, speaking to a hologram of Dylan and Eldric.

"Guys, he is on his way. I didn't think he could run that fast!"
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