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Postby Dylan Clearbrook on Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:01 am

As noted, we will begin offering EPUBs. Versions of our chapters (going forward) that you can download and enjoy on your favorite e-reader.

For those of you that use a reader that does not accept Epub (ie kindle, etc) then there is an easy solution. Calibre e-book Manager!

Using this, you can easily convert our Epub into a version compatible with your e-reader. Incidentally, You can also download ALL of our chapters (right click on the links and select "save target as") and import THEM into calibre as well and convert them (they are all HTML) and convert them as well.

I am not go into the how-to's with Calibre...you can find most of that on the Calibre site.

I will create a forum for questions about it but you will have to register with the Continuum Worlds to utilize that forum.

As far as downloading Epub Versions of our older stuff...to date, the only epub of the older stuff is the complete "Return of Kara Zor-El" story that basically launched the Otherverse (and by extension, the entire Continuum Worlds). It is located in the Otherverse section...Simply go there and scroll down until you see "The Return of Kara Zor-El".
Dylan Clearbrook

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