Once Upon An Earth-X

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Once Upon An Earth-X

Postby eldric on Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:49 am

So, Ok, everyone's favorite elf is doing a little thinking here. As fallout of the Second Continuum War, I am going to be writing some storylines for Earth-X. Earth-X is the pre-crisis version of Earth that was ruled by the Nazis until a combined JLA/JSA team joined with the Freedom Fighters to take out the Nazi Regime.

So now it's a bunch of years later. This Earth pretty much survived the Crisis of Infinite Earths intact, so where is it now? What's happening? This isn't the more recent Earth-10, with the Nazi Superman or Fledermaus Batman. I suppose it could be. Of course, it could have gone in a different direction. :shock:

What kind of government does it have? What follows the Nazi regime? As we've seen in the Middle East, toppling a dictator doesn't result in immediate democracy. Does a new generation of Heroes and Villains arise?

Or does Galactus gobble the whole world in one quick gulp? :lol:

Help! Only you can save Galactus from an upset stomach!
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