Old News....Changes in Comics

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Old News....Changes in Comics

Postby Dylan Clearbrook on Sun Aug 03, 2014 6:42 pm

As stated in the topic, this is old news....but not to me. I have just now got around to reading the New 52 series of comics. I've gone through Superman, Supergirl, World's Finest...and am now part way through Earth 2. I have to admit that, despite my misgivings...I liked what I was reading. Which is pretty strange, since I haven't really cared for much DC put out since Crisis On Infinite Earths.

HOWEVER, in Earth 2, I ran across something that really ticked me off. And if you are guessing it is about Alan Scott...you are right!

In case you are not in the know...with the introduction of Earth 2...DC made the decision to rewrite the origin of several of what we would call the Golden Age heroes. And Alan Scott, despite his past history (which, of course was all wiped away) is now gay.

Don't get me wrong. I applaud DC's attempt to represent the LGBT community among it heroes. NOT, however, to the extreme of changing a long established character to make that representation. To me, this is simply pandering...with no real thought or even concern.

When comics began to represent Black people....(long after they really should have)...they did not suddenly rewrite Green Lantern to make Hal Jordon Black.....they introduced John Stewart.

No one forced DC to re use the Golden age Characters for their new Earth 2 (and quite frankly, considering the story line that goes with this Earth 2, I would rather they had not) but since they did, they should not have stooped to pandering to one focus group. They should, instead, have stayed as true as possible, given the story line (again, a lot more gritty than it should be, considering the characters) to the original characters and their established histories. IF DC had to throw a bone to the LGBT community, it should have been in the form of a new character.
Dylan Clearbrook

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