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DCM 20th anniversary

PostPosted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 3:52 pm
by bluedevil
Today marks 20 years from when I uploaded the first batch of issues to DCM. To celebrate, I've remastered our launch mini-series Crisis on Merging Earths and posted a special 20th Anniversary Edition in the newly formed DCM Legends imprint.

There are a lot of good stories hidden in the DCM Archive, but most of them have older HTML code that doesn't translate as well to modern devices and displays. I've pulled some issues and series out to form their own imprints (such as Timely Comics for the Golden Age stories) or the basis of new imprints (such as Spider-Man and select X-Men issues as the backstory for DCM Knights). But there are some stories that don't fit into any of the new imprints but I still want to spotlight and update. They will go into DCM Legends.

I was hoping to have some new material ready to celebrate the anniversary, but somehow I managed to be the one person with less free time during lock down. I still have some ideas in my head that want to slip out, and it might even result in some new imprints (DCM Noir or 2099 anyway?)

But for now, let's slip back into the past and take a peek at how it started.